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Our online dyslexia program works! We are so sure, we guarantee results. Learn more below.

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Choose one of our online dyslexia programs and give your struggling reader a chance to become a confident one!
With over 40 years of experience, we have served 300,000+ families who have trusted us to identify and treat dyslexia and other learning difficulties.

Lexercise Professional Therapy Guarantee

There are many reading and writing intervention programs out there claiming they can help your child. Lexercise Professional Therapy is different because we can measure your child’s success and guarantee results. Lexercise guarantees that your child will improve 1 grade level in reading after 8 weeks of Lexercise teletherapy with one of our expert therapists. If your child does not make a grade level of improvement, Lexercise will give you an additional four weeks of teletherapy for free.

  • This guarantee is available to first-time Professional Therapy users only.
  • Your therapist will establish a baseline reading level in your first session and then measure your child’s progress in the 8th session.
  • Research indicates that in one year of schooling elementary students average almost 100 Lexile growth (industry standard measurement unit) per grade level and 50L for high school students. We guarantee your child will make one grade level of reading improvement in just 2 months of Lexercise therapy.*
  • You must attend and participate in your child’s 8 therapy sessions.
  • Your sessions must be completed within 8 consecutive weeks (i.e. no rescheduling extending these sessions past 8 consecutive weeks).
  • You must ensure your child participates with the therapist for the entire therapy session each week.
  • You must make sure your child completes the online Lexercise practice games and activities a minimum of 4 days/week each week.
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* For students starting Lexercise at a 1st Grade reading level or higher, the Lexile growth measurement will be used, and for students starting as pre-readers (Pre-K or K level), a series of foundational skill assessments will be used.

Full terms and conditions of the Professional Therapy Guarantee can be found here.

Lexercise Basic Therapy Guarantee

If you are not happy with Lexercise Basic Therapy, just call us in the first 14 days of your initial purchase and tell us what you didn’t like about it, and we’ll refund your money. It’s that simple.

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