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Lexercise is a literacy program that provides you and your child with lessons, games, and activities based on the latest research in reading science and the Orton-Gillingham approach. Guided by our comprehensive structured literacy curriculum, your child will soon be reading and spelling with confidence.

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How it Works Teach. Practice. Repeat.

Once a week, follow along with a guided lesson narrated by expert therapist Sandie Barrie Blackley. Lock in these new concepts through daily independent practice games tied to the lesson. Advance to the next lesson once your child has mastered their new skills.

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Jennifer Desmond Lexercise Parent

“Aside from it completely working, the big takeaway for me was that it gave me the tools as a parent to be able to help my kids and this was not something I could find anywhere else. […] The program is just so manageable and it’s so structured – so doable. I think anyone can do it.”

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Shay Discepolo Lexercise Parent

“Our son has made HUGE strides. On school assessment, he improved 106% and was advanced to 2nd grade to begin this year. […] [Our Lexercise therapist] was an amazing educator for my son. She was kind, patient, and supportive. She always responded to messages and was always available. She connected with my son and encouraged him through all the lessons. We are very grateful for the individual attention our son received and are pleased that he is now on track with his reading proficiency.”

Practice is Key to Progress!

Overcoming dyslexia, and other literacy challenges requires brain training to build new connections between sounds and letters. It takes repetition and hard work to automate your child’s new skills. With our program, you will have access to fun and engaging games that focus exactly on what your child needs, and can be completed independently on any laptop or tablet.

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