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Structured literacy therapy is the gold standard for treating dyslexia and other literacy challenges. At Lexercise, we’ve built an online platform that helps your family get this critical help from your home, on your schedule. We provide lessons, games, and activities to help your child master reading and spelling.

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Jennifer Desmond

” Aside from it completely working, the big takeaway for me was that it gave me the tools as a parent to be able to help my kids and this was not something I could find anywhere else. […] The program is just so manageable and it’s so structured – so doable. I think anyone can do it.”

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Basic Therapy

In Basic Therapy, you’re in control. Follow along with interactive lessons, encourage daily independent game practice, and advance to the next lesson once your child has mastered the material. This is the most affordable way to get structured literacy therapy online.

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Professional Therapy

Work one-on-one with one of our expert therapists to get customized lessons and interactive help, all from the comfort of your own home. Using our games and activities between lessons, help your child master their new skills. Your therapist can assist with a wide range of literacy and behavioral problems as part of your therapy.

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Practice is Key to Progress!

Overcoming dyslexia, and other literacy challenges, requires brain training to build new connections between sounds and letters. It takes repetition and hard work to automate your child’s new skills. Our games focus on exactly what your child needs in each lesson, and can be completed independently on any laptop or tablet.

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Game name Spell-a-tron

Game name Pick-a-tron

Game name Classifier

Game name Calming Breath

Game name Isolator

Game name Training Deck

Game name Spell In The Blank

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We know that overcoming learning challenges can seem overwhelming, but you’re ready to take the first step. Sign up for a free initial consultation with one of our expert therapists to talk about your family’s specific needs. Learn more about Lexercise’s services, dyslexia, and how you can help your child master these critical life skills. It all starts with a call.

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