How It Works


Lexercise Therapy Methods

Chancery Script

Dysgraphia & Handwriting Therapy

A fun and multisensory way to master each letter's unique movement path and gain fluency in handwriting

Spectacular Sentences

Sentence Formulation Therapy

A multisensory, sequential approach to writing clear, descriptive sentences

Structured Literacy

Reading, Spelling & Vocabulary Therapy

The scientifically proven method for teaching reading, spelling and vocabulary to struggling students

Mind's Eye

Memory and Comprehension Therapy

A proven approach to improving memory and comprehension using visual images

Mindful Meditation

For improving attention and managing stress.

Methods for improving attention and managing the stress and anxiety that often accompany learning struggles

Demo for Prospective Teletherapy Partners

This 9 minute video shows the organization of the Lexercise Structured Literacy Curriculum™ and some examples of lesson teaching resources.

Research-Backed Direct Instruction With Much More Practice

Similarities to Other Structured Literacy Methods:

  • The Lexercise Structured Literacy Curriculum is a systematic, explicit, cumulative, diagnostic-prescriptive curriculum.
  • Every session includes direct instruction and practice, covering all the domains of literacy, from speech to print.
  • There is a strong commitment to science-backed best-practice.
  • Therapists must demonstrate their qualifications.


  • Traditional lessons are taught on a physical tabletop. Lexercise teletherapy is done in a live, face-to-face web-conference, using a virtual, interactive tabletop.
  • Traditionally, all practice has to occur during the lesson itself. In Lexercise teletherapy you provide intensive practice between lessons using  games and activities that can increase targeted repetition 400%.
  • In traditional services you may not be able to set your own hours whereas in the Lexercise model you always set your own days & hours.
  • In traditional services you have to purchase assessments and kits, spend time planning lessons, keeping records, and managing billing & accounting. The Lexercise platform includes everything you need to make your practice successful.*
  • In traditional services you are tied to a locality and can only reach clients living nearby. But with Lexercise you can help clients in homes and schools, no matter where they live.


*The platform includes tools for assessment, curricula, lesson-planning support, word-banks, games & activities for practice, progress-monitoring tools, client communication support, and business management (record-keeping, marketing, billing & accounting).