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Taylor is a senior studying communication at NC State University. As the Blog and PR intern for lexercise she utilizes her passion for writing to help inform parents of struggling readers, writers and spellers. She feels a connection to Lexercise through her love for children and their well-being.

Are Dyslexia Fonts Helpful?

We don’t know yet. They may be, but they also may not. There are some sites that will let you […]

September 20, 2016 in Blog Posts, Dyslexia & Schools

Children Lack Social Skills

Nearly four in five senior primary school staff in the U.K. are worried about their young student’s social skills and […]

Healthy Routines for Your Child

It can be hard to get back into the school year routine when summer comes to a close. Your children […]

Reading Tools That Don’t Work: Guessing

 Blog Bites   Public schools teach guessing which is an ineffective way to learn There are four different categories of […]

5 Incorrect Labels for Dyslexia

If your child is diagnosed or shows signs of dyslexia, there is a huge possibility that you will hear terms […]

The Case for Audiobooks

Some people will argue that listening to a book does not have the same benefits as reading it yourself. That […]

Unconventional Summer Learning

The summer is drawing to a close and the school year is going to begin again. You don’t want to […]

Dyslexic Advantage in Entrepreneurship

Dyslexics tend to go through life unconventionally. They have to come up with alternative routes to garner successful results– and […]

The Problem(s) With Reading Recovery

Reading Recovery® is a strategy that has been praised by schools around the world and is currently being used in […]

Brain Training and the Placebo Effect

What if you could simply play games to improve your brain? Well, that’s what the brain training industry is suggesting […]

June 27, 2016 in Blog Posts

The History of Orton-Gillingham

Their areas of expertise fit like puzzle pieces from the same box, aligned perfectly to create a teaching method that […]

Five Must-Read Books for Dyslexics and Their Parents

Everyone needs a role model who shares similar struggles, even if they are fictional characters. The following five books revolve […]