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Laura Sargent is a graduate of Harvard University with a Masters of Education. She also has training in the Orton-Gillingham approach and RAVE-O (Dr. Maryanne Wolfe's Tufts University structured language approach). Multisensory teaching and learning has been a life long passion. Laura Sargent has been a remedial reading teacher for the past 10 years, working with children and adults in the Caribbean and U.S. Born in Missoula, Montana, Laura grew up enjoying the beautiful mountains. She started her teaching career in Montana, and replaced the mountains with the ocean to sail the world. Throughout her travels she visited local schools to learn and share her passion for teaching and learning. This extended venture included raising her two children aboard her sailboat, where she home schooled them from kindergarten through high school. Laura's education and experience have helped her develop a broad-minded approach, a sensitivity and a love for teaching and learning across cultures.

Online Literacy Therapy: In Schools & Abroad

Guest Post by Laura Sargent, M.Ed., Lexercise Teletherapy Partner   I joined Lexercise as a clinician one year ago when […]