COVID-19 got you stuck at home with the kids? Need to reach your students remotely? We can help!

Technology Requirements

  • A Computer:
    • a processor that is 1.2 GHz or faster
    • an operating system with:
      • Microsoft Windows: Windows 95 or newer or
      • Mac OSX or newer or
      • Chrome OS or
      • Linux (an open source operating system)
  • High Speed, Reliable Internet Access:
    • Download speeds +3 Mbps
    • Upload speeds +1 Mbps
    • Best Practices for Video Conferencing:
      • A wired connection (connecting your computer to your router with a cable) provides a generally more dependable and consistent connection for video conference than using WiFi.
      • If your internet speed slows or cuts in and out, make sure you disconnect other devices like mobile phones, tablets, TVs, etc.
    • You can test your speed here
  • Adobe Flash Player:
    • Check to be sure you have the most recent version of Adobe Flash installed on your computer. Check here and follow instructions to update if needed.
    • (Flash is not supported on iPads and other tablets. However, some tablet users have found they can use server-based flash browsers like Puffin, but we do not support any technical problems with these.)
  • A web-cam:
    • Built in webcam (usually on laptops) OR
    • External USB webcam
  • Speakers and Microphone:
    • Built in (usually on laptops)
    • External – speaker unit + microphone unit or webcam microphone
  • A mouse that can be easily and accurately operated

Additional Items for Therapy Only:

  • Whiteboard (8” x 11”) and dry erase markers
  • Optional: For clients working on handwriting goals a document camera peripheral for your computer can be helpful (although by no means is it required).