Parental Notice and Consent

Parental Consent to Collection of Child User’s Information

Welcome to Lexercise! This notice is to inform you about our practices with respect to your child’s personal information and to obtain your consent to our collection of this information. Please note the following:
  • In order to provide you services through the Lexercise platform, we will ask you to provide certain personal information about your child.
  • Details about our information collection practices can be found by clicking here. Specifically, this Policy describes:
    • The types of information collected about your child,
    • How this information is collected,
    • How this information is used, and
    • The options you have to review and control your child’s information.
  • By providing accurate, up-to-date credit card, debit card, or other payment information when you register for the platform, you are providing your “verifiable parental consent” to this information collection.
  • Lexercise is operated by Mind InFormation, Inc. If you have questions about this notice, we can be contacted: