Here's How It Works

  • Meet Via Webcam

    Using a webcam and internet connection, your Lexercise clinician will meet with you and your child to work through a series of reading and literacy tasks.

    The entire evaluation takes about 90 minutes.

  • Get a Report & Diagnosis

    This 8-10 page report includes evaluation results, a diagnosis and treatment recommendations.

    The report can be used at school for accommodations like extra time on school tests.

    View a sample report

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  • Follow-Up Consultation

    Your Lexercise clinician will discuss results and answer your questions in a 30-minute follow-up consultation.

    Recommendations will be made for what to do next and possible treatment options.

Get an online dyslexia evaluation from a professional.

Have an expert diagnose if your student has a reading, writing, or spelling problem.


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  • Personalized
  • Convenient
  • Costs less than traditional evaluations
  • No-interest payment options
Adults & Children: $645

Lexercise Evaluation


Traditional Evaluation

Designed to diagnose a child's processing disorder and determine the best treatment plan for him or her
Designed mainly to qualify students for public school Exceptional Children's Services
Clinicians who are specifically trained in current, research-based approaches
Clinicians with widely-varying levels of experience and sometimes outdated approaches
Zero travel time through the use of web-cam conferencing
Travel time may be high due to lack of qualified clinicians in the area
Approximately 1.5 hours
2 - 8 hours
Children (up through age 14): $295
Adults (15 and up): $595
Total Cost: $1,000 - $5,000