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The Lexercise Screener

Our free online dyslexia test for children can determine whether your child's difficulties reading and processing words is likely to be dyslexia. The interactive tool will help diagnose specific problems and recommend an effective path for treatment

The dyslexia test takes only 5-10 minutes and provides you with results immediately upon completion.

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Lexercise Screener Results

Z-Screener Score

Minimum Expected Accuracy

Child's Decoding Accuracy

reads simple syllables with accuracy.

San Diego Quick Assessment Score

Grade Level

Child's Reading Level

is reading words at the grade level.

A child in the grade should have very little trouble reading grade words and below.


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Accredations Accredations Accredations Accredations Accredations
Lexercise is a BBB Accredited Reading Instructor in Raleigh, NC
"I love that we can do the therapy in the comfort of our own home at a time that fits our schedule. I also love the daily practice with the online games and partnership with our clinical educator."

-Kim Wentzlaff, Minnesota
"The weekly sessions are so helpful for the child as well as the parent. It has been a wonderful way for us to find some great strategies for our daughter!"

-Kristy Dudley, North Carolina
"We've experienced great success. Her reading has drastically improved...I've seen it (reading) improve drastically compared to any other method I've tried."

-Rebekah Van Der Hengst, Tennessee
"She was very discouraged about her reading and feeling like she wasn't very smart because of it. Now I see her attitude has completely changed and she is [attempting] reading independently more often. Also, I have seen improvement after just one month with her tutor."

"...We are able to work from home and there is flexibility to when she does her daily practice. Plus the games are very enjoyable."

-Becky Hawn, Illinois