Lexercise provides you with evidence-based, structured tools for dyslexia therapy.

Lexercise is a suite of blended learning tools for clinicians who use an Orton-Gillingham (O-G) Approach for treating language-literacy disorders. Lexercise tools help clinicians screen, evaluate, plan and carry out face-to-face O-G therapy sessions. Its subscription-based, online games revolutionize the way clinicians can support clients with customized, daily practice.

Lexercise allows clinicians to use explicit and systematic treatment methods; creates structured word banks instantly; records, measures and monitors each client’s practice and provides one-click reports for easy communication with parents and teachers.

In order to become a Lexercise Clinician you will need to have thorough training in a structured literacy approach, like Orton-Gillingham. You can become a Lexercise Clinician in one of two ways:

1. You can take a qualification test to demonstrate your knowledge and skills of O-G.
You can take our online professional education courses.