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Scientifically Proven Dyslexia Treatment

Dyslexia Treatment

Neuropsychologist, Tim Conway Ph.D., scientifically proves dyslexia treatment like Lexercise is the most effective method to improve literacy skills. Tim has dedicated his life’s research to studying and creating solutions for dyslexics.

“In 16 months of special education your reading comprehension skills aren’t changing that much…[but] in 2 months time with a little bit of very hierarchical designed, scientifically based instruction we could change those skills dramatically. And not only change those skills in 2 months but we brought you back a year later and your skills were even stronger, and you had no more intervention” (Conway, 2015).

That is exactly what Lexercise does! In 2 months we guarantee your child will increase 1 grade level in their reading abilities or the 3rd month is free. You can’t make this stuff up, its science and it works.

Check out the amazing Tedx Talk HERE!



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