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How Does the Lexercise Dyslexia Test Work?

The Lexercise Dyslexia Test combines two separate assessments to pinpoint a child’s ability to read words. One of them is the San Diego Quick Assessment (SDQA); the …

Reading, writing, spelling, dyslexia – more than meets the eye

In our dyslexia illustration, the visible portion of the iceberg includes the symptoms that parents and teachers most clearly observe in young readers, with the “above-the-surface” amount varying significantly among individuals. The part of the iceberg under water includes language processing difficulties not readily observable to parents and teachers – problems that can be revealed only through a language-processing evaluation.

Dyslexia vs. Developmental Disabilities

There’s an alphabet soup of terms referring to children who don’t learn at the same rate as their peers: developmental disability*, learning disability, special needs, …