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Live Broadcast 37: Math-U-See for Struggling Readers and Writers

Steve Demme, Author and Founder of Math-U-See joined us to discuss what makes Math-U-See effective for struggling readers and writers.

Steve is a former math teacher who has taught at all levels of math in public and private schools. Steve’s goal with Math-U-See is to help produce confident problem solvers who enjoy the study of math.

Homeschool families considering math curricula for their struggling readers and writers as well as other families interested in helping their children with math will enjoy this engaging webinar.

Broadcast 36: Creating High Quality Instruction in Teaching Reading

picture of Elisabeth LiptakElisabeth (Liz) Liptak is the Professional Services Director for the International Dyslexia Association, and joined us to discuss the IDA’s Knowledge & Practice Standards. She talked about how the IDA Standards can help teachers and parents recognize what to look for in high-quality reading instruction and how parents can get the help they need for their children who struggle with reading, spelling, and writing.

The IDA Standards serve as a guide to teachers and parents for selecting effective programs and methods for teaching children with dyslexia. Liz Liptak discussed how the Standards guide effective instruction, what teachers and clinicians need to know and be able to do to deliver effective intervention. The Standards provide guidance in the use of structured literacy in an intervention program. An effective program provides daily, structured practice in the following areas:

1. Phonology
2. Phonics and Word Study
3. Fluent, Automatic Reading of Text
4. Vocabulary
5. Text Comprehension
6. Handwriting, Spelling, Written Expression

Liz Liptak was formerly the Executive Director of the Washington Literacy Council, a community-based direct service program in Washington DC that served struggling adult readers and younger children. Liz also worked for two years on a reading research project at the Krasnow Institute, which was funded by the Department of Education. Liz has been a reading tutor since 1989, most recently in the DC Public Schools. Liz works closely with the IDA Board’s Standards and Practices Committee.

Click here to download the presentation for this Live Broadcast in pdf format.

Emerson, a victorious word wizard


As a 9-year-old homeschooled rising 4th-grade student, Emerson is a competent and confident speller and writer. He enjoys thinking about word parts, what they mean and how they are spelled.

That is quite a change. Last spring, before his 3rd-grade year, Emerson resisted anything having to do with writing words. His initial writing sample consisted of just three sentences and most of the words were misspelled.

After covering 24 Lexercise levels Emerson no longer resists writing; he embraces it. His writing is nearly ten times more accurate than it was last spring. He is a word analysis wizard who can identify word elements like base, suffix, and prefix, even with new and unfamiliar words.

I recently interviewed Emerson’s mom, Julie Barney, about their experience with Lexercise online therapy. Below is a video of our conversation and an outline.


Video Interview Outline

Time 0:00 – Introduction
Time 0:44 – Can you describe how and when you first became concerned about Emerson’s reading, writing and spelling skills?
Time 3:07 – Will you describe Emerson’s progress with Lexercise Online Treatment and how it has helped you as a homeschool mom?
Time 5:47 – You and Emerson had some office-based sessions before starting Lexercise Online Treatment. Can you describe how online treatment has worked compared to office-based treatment?

Thanks, Julie…and keep up the good work, Emerson!

If your child struggles with reading, writing, or spelling, please have a look at the Lexercise Online Dyslexia Testing and Treatment page. It could turn your child into a reader! If you have questions about the diagnosis or treatment of dyslexia, I would love to hear from you. Email me at Info@Lexercise.com or 1-919-747-4557.