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Putting dyslexia on the map

Back in March, I wrote about the power of movies and talked briefly about Dislecksia: The Movie (see that post here). Well, in April I had the honor of attending the Connecticut Film Festival‘s opening night showing of clips from a rough cut of Dislecksia: The Movie and visiting Captured Time Productions at Harvey Hubbell’s studio in Litchfield.

The Captured Time office is an engaging mix of high-tech and low-tech. There are multiple computers and an array of cameras and audio equipment. A pair of wall maps – one of the U.S., another of the world – are studded with pins holding slender white flags. Each flag locates an individual who has joined the Facebook group for Dislecksia: The Movie – a collection of people, according to producer Harvey Hubbell, who “are all in some way interested in the film and dyslexia,” including educators, scientists, dyslexics, parents and others. To join the Facebook group, click here.

Harvey Hubbell describes his home in Litchfield, Connecticut, as being in “the golden triangle” for dyslexia, close to world-class research and teaching resources like Yale’s Haskins Laboratories, the Forman School, and the Kildonan School, which was started in 1969 by Harvey’s legendary teacher, the language-learning expert, Diana Hanbury King.

It takes only a glance at the Captured Time wall map to see that the resources and interest base are not evenly distributed. What of the dyslexic child growing up in the Dakotas, Nebraska, or Nevada? Lexercise hopes to reach more of those children with our online evaluation and treatment services. But more about that another time.

Movies ARE powerful, and the stories and images that Harvey and his team are chronicling have tremendous power. Dyslexia, which is literally a disorder of words, is much more clearly understood through the arts than through words alone. By the way, when you visit the Captured Time website, you don’t have to read it – you can listen to each page, section by section. 

We’re eager to see Dislecksia: The Movie completed and put into wide release. We think it’s an important step toward a better understanding of dyslexia and the remarkable people who struggle to overcome it.

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