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The Unfunded Dyslexia Mandate

At recent hearings, Senator Cassidy asked Secretary of Education Arne Duncan about special programs for students with dyslexia, including screening and intervention. Currently, no single office looks at dyslexia and programs for dyslexia are not explicitly funded. Both Senator Cassidy and Secretary Duncan admitted that funds for interventions and professional development for teachers are limited, but could not agree to direct funds specifically to train teachers in screening and remediating dyslexia.

Various states have passed measures requiring training and screening, but have not allocated funds specifically for this purpose. While it is encouraging to see government officials and education administrators talking about dyslexia, it is clear that the current system is not effective and that bringing to it the drastic improvement required will be no simple task. With so narrow a window for children to master literacy, do not wait for the system to help your child! Contact us to get the help you need today.