Job Description for Lexercise Lead Developer

Lexercise is a fast-growing education startup and developer of the world’s leading platform for online dyslexia therapy. We were founded in 2008 with the goal to make literacy therapy convenient and accessible to every child in need.

We’re a team of passionate therapists, technologists, and business people united by this shared purpose. Together we’ve built a platform that empowers children to improve their reading, writing and spelling through online therapy from literacy experts combined with daily practice activities. Children completing our therapy average 3 grade levels of reading improvement!


We’re seeking a lead developer to strengthen and support our PHP-based platform, while contributing as a product and technology strategist. For the right individual, this position would also offer an opportunity to grow into a CTO or VP of Engineering as we continue to expand our development team.


  • Strong PHP knowledge
  • Strong Linux experience
  • Expert object-oriented development experience
  • Full product life-cycle experience

Ideal candidates will have:

  • Experience with jQuery and single-page application development in javascript
  • Experience with modern MVC framework e.g. Rails/Django
  • Full-stack skillset: from database to javascript and CSS
  • Integration experience with Stripe, Xero and similar services
  • 5+ years development experience preferred

If you’re passionate about applying technology to make a positive impact on the world, please send a cover letter and resume to


Job Description for Lexercise Clinical Educator

Lexercise is a fast-growing company that provides web-based therapy solutions for struggling readers, writers, and spellers. We combine live, video therapy with research-backed games, parent support activities and interactive content to deliver effective, convenient, and accessible online Structured Literacy (AKA: Orton-Gillingham) therapy to children suffering from dyslexia and other language processing difficulties.

Our goal is simple: to set the world standard for treating children with language-based learning disabilities such as dyslexia. To meet this goal we need smart, capable, results-oriented educators who are experienced in Structured Literacy and passionate about working with students with reading disabilities and their families.

We currently have a growing team of over 20 teletherapy partners located across North America who license our software and online content. To learn more about the Lexercise team, click here, and about our partners, click here.

About the Job

As a Clinical Educator for Lexercise or with one of our partners, your primary role will be teaching. Your daily job will be to assess and treat language-literacy impaired clients online, through webcam. Online treatment starts with a rigorous language-processing assessment to individualize therapy. From here therapy involves weekly, 45-minute sessions with individual clients using our highly-structured but customizable Structured Literacy approach, plus regular monitoring of the client’s online daily practice games.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Evaluating children for language learning disabilities
  • Delivering one-on-one online language therapy
  • Providing parents with information and guidance
  • Consulting with the Lexercise Team to maintain and improve services
  • Managing your client schedule
  • Maintaining happy clients

Prior Experience/Skills

  • Degree in education, special education, psychology or a related field
  • Two to four years of experience in structured literacy therapy
  • Passion for teaching children to read, spell and write
  • Proven record of fostering student achievement
  • Organization and Work Ethic – You will have a full-time caseload of at least 20 clients, which will be intense and demanding
  • Self-Starter – You will work from home and set your own schedule
  • Home office – A quiet, well lit, organized place where you can see clients via webcam

This could be a full-time position or contractor position offering a flexible schedule, the excitement of working for a small but growing company, and the opportunity to make a daily impact in the lives of children. Sense of humor, comfort with technology, willingness to learn and relentless commitment to quality client outcomes are required. We expect our customers to have an excellent experience every time they interact with us, and you will be their main contact.

Interested applicants should send a cover letter and resume to